There’s no doubt that American Idol is not as popular as it once was. Ratings have been in the tank, and producers are scrambling to compete with shows like The Voice and X factor. That’s why they’re willing to pay $18 million this year to procure the services of Mariah Carey. That’s a huge contract, and many experts are saying it’s a good bet. But make no mistake – it’s still a bet. No one can tell if a single person is worth that type of money on this type of show. It also takes more than just a known name to be a successful judge – Ellen Degeneres is a prime example of that. There needs to be the right chemistry and a certain type of charisma to keep audiences coming back. Unfortunately, Mariah Carey, while extremely talented, is a one-dimensional performer that won’t add much to the show. Let’s take a look at some reasons why she’s not a good choice for an American Idol judge.

She’s a Diva – all you have to do is a simple Google search to find countless stories of her Diva-ish. She’s difficult to put up with, and she’s demanding on all levels. That means she’s going to upset whole lot of people, and it might come down to some outright conflict during the season. Remember, this isn’t the Mariah Carey show but she’s going to want it to be. With all the focus on her, it’s going to change the dynamic of the show and turn it into something else – and it’s not something we really want to watch.

Isn’t she nuts? – There seems to be a trend in hiring female judges who’ve had public breakdowns for these types of shows. And the reason for this is not all that nice. Even though they won’t admit it, producers are probably secretly hoping for some kind of meltdown. Or at the very least an outburst that will go viral on YouTube. Think about it, if you are going to spend $18 million of your own money under normal circumstances, would you hire someone with the potential to break down?

She’s way too Expensive – is anyone really worth $18 million for a single season? It’s not even technically for a year, it’s just a few months of work. There’s no doubt that American Idol makes Fox millions of dollars each year, but now there are 6 million less than they would’ve made paying Jennifer Lopez and her mere $12 million contract. It’s also highly unlikely that she’ll return the show to former glory alone. She’s going to need a lot of help, but her fat contract limits who the other judges will be.

She’s not Relevant Anymore – this might have been a huge score if Mariah Carey was in her heyday. But that was during the mid-90s, and that’s a long time ago. She’s certainly hung around on the scene, and she still sells records. She’s recognized for having a great voice, but she’s also a little bit of a punchline. She doesn’t have that cache that she once did, and her fan base isn’t quite as huge – some younger people only know her songs from karaoke. We have a sneaking suspicion that more people think of her as a joke that revere her for her singing talent.

American Idol is Dead – this final reason really doesn’t have anything to do with Mariah Carey. It’s more a problem with the show itself. It’s been around a long time, and it’s considered a dinosaur among reality singing competition shows. It’s still the most powerful, but it probably won’t be for long. The format is stale, and that’s something that doesn’t change with new judges. There needs to be a major shakeup, and they have to find a special type of chemistry between judges – and it’s not just going to happen with one single star.

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