If you feel that you have reached a stage where your guitar playing is just too good to keep to yourself, why not pass your finely honed skills down to some deserving devotees of the six string altar? Playing the guitar has never been more popular and students are crying out for teachers, especially ones who know the difference between Metallica and Motorhead. You don’t need to be the best guitarist in the world to teach successfully, but there are a few tips that will definitely help you to bridge the gap nicely.

You Need to Be Quite Good

When you place your first advert for your new hobby/venture, ensure that you do not blow your trumpet too hard. There is little point in offering jazz guitar lessons if you can just about play a few augmented shapes. Assess your skills and be harsh on yourself before declaring what you can teach and to what level you can sustain this tuition. If a few students come away disgruntled, your reputation will soon be firmly in the trash bin.

You Should Offer A Little More

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Guitar students need to believe that you, as a teacher, actually care about them and their playing. Play down the money side of the lessons and concentrate on ‘bigging’ your students up. The money will soon flow if the word gets around that there is a new teacher who gives a darn about his new students. Offer real support and lots of encouragement, no matter how bad they seem, because everyone gets better in the end.

Understand The Process Of Teaching And Learning

A really good guitar teacher does not simply teach an instrument, they teach the person behind the axe. There are many ways to teach a student, and the way you teach that individual is the key to success. The days of treating students exactly the same has long gone. You don’t need to be a psychologist to teach well, but you should be able to relate and connect to different characters. Guitar playing is as personal as any other individual trait, so work on your people skills and start to pay more attention to the way we behave.

Mix With Your Peers

There will be better and more experienced guitar teachers around, but it’s not a competition. You can often get some awesome tips from these guys ad do not be afraid to pick their brains whenever you need some insight.

Be Patient

Some of us can learn quicker than others, if one of your students seems a little lost, you should realign your expectations and pick another lesson plan. Contingency plans are a necessity for great teachers and they will save many a failing lesson from its doom.

Keep Improving

A great teacher never stops learning, there are many ways to keep on learning and you should not rest on your laurels. At some point you may be faced with a student who has reached your level. You should ensure that you are always a few steps ahead, because otherwise your reputation will be in tatters, as will your client list.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you stick to these steps and enjoy the teaching aspect, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a lucrative and enjoyable guitar teaching career!

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Judey Brare, the author of this post, works for Symmetry Studios which is a very well known wedding band in Toronto. She is passionate about music and likes to write articles related to it during her time off from work.

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