Country star Wynonna Judd is no stranger to matrimony, but it would be her third marriage that would really test her commitment to “for better or for worse.” Wynonna and her husband Michael Scott “Cactus” Moser were married in June 10, 2012, but tragedy struck just two months later when Cactus was involved in a horrible motorcycle accident. During the accident, Wynonna was right by his side, and that’s where she remained during his recovery as well.

The love story of Cactus and Wynonna was interrupted, but it’s an amazing story that demonstrates the love that exists between two people in marriage. It’s an excellent example of what a marriage should be and how partners should care for each other through thick and thin.

Wynonna Judd

Third Time’s a Charm

Wynonna Judd was married and divorced twice before she hooked up with Cactus. Her first marriage to Arch Kelly III produced two children, Elijah and Grace, but ended in 1998. Her second marriage to D.R. Roach lasted four years but ended in 2007. In 2009, Wynonna began dating Cactus, who was a drummer in her band. They were married in 2012 at Wynonna’s farm in Tennessee. They’ve been going strong ever since, despite many bumps along the way that no one could have predicted or controlled.

wynonna judd wedding

Wynonna’s Health

In 2010, Wynonna was suffering from many health conditions related to her excessive weight. She was previously treated for food addiction, and she did manage to lose 55 pounds. Damage to her stomach muscles and blood clots, however, threatened her life. She also survived a head-on car collision. During this time, Cactus was a proud supporter, and it wouldn’t be long before Wynonna could offer her support in return.

The Accident

Wynonna and Cactus both loved to ride motorcycles, and they were riding side-by-side on August 18, 2012 on separate bikes when Cactus collided with a car. Wynonna watched helplessly as her husband was thrown from his bike, which severed his leg and resulted in additional injuries. After being married for just two short months, Wynonna and Cactus were faced with tragedy, and they faced it together.

The Recovery

Wynonna stayed by the side of her husband during his hospital stay, and she cheered him on as he worked on learning how to cope with a missing leg and how to walk again. Even though Wynonna had to return to her tour soon after the accident, she gave all the support she could to Cactus. Wynonna also began her stint on Dancing with the Stars, and as she was dancing across the floor, Cactus cheered her on, too. Just eight months later, Wynonna and Cactus celebrated as he walked toward her for the first time since the accident.

Life always hands us surprises, but it’s what we do with them that makes all the difference. Wynonna and Cactus may have suffered through unspeakable heartache, but their love stood the test of that hardship.

Marcus Smith writes for He is a drummer and huge fan of country music.

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