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Have you embraced the vinyl record resurgence yet, or are you still hanging on to the first wave of ‘80s tape cassette love? Maybe you never cast vinyl to the wayside, in which case, congratulations! You’re hip to the trend…all over again. More importantly, you truly understand the musical experience that is unique to vinyl. The purity of sound isn’t just a myth—it’s the physics of it all. And why not indulge in a richer, more rewarding listening experience? Especially if you’re a die-hard fan of various artists, you’re going to want their albums in their most raw form. You’ll almost be able to hear your favorite musicians breathing into the microphone. Next best thing to having them play in your living room!

Where To Start

Now, what if you’re new to the vinyl scene or are just getting interested again? Where do you go for not only new vinyl being pressed, but amazing old school albums and interesting, obscure finds? Well, lucky for you there’s a wonderful independent record store market out there. You can find an independent record store in your area by a simple glance through the phone book or a internet search. You can also avail yourself of a record-seeker’s secret: go to thrift stores! That’s right, any Goodwill, Salvation Army, or general thrift store will most likely have a ton of vinyl in great condition for knockout prices. You can often find a whole assortment of albums at 50 cents to a dollar each. That’s the best bargain you’ve probably heard of in years.

Places To Buy From

When you buy your albums, really try to push the boundaries of what interests you. The neat thing about vinyl is that it was once produced in such proliferation that a huge array of genres was recorded onto this medium, so the selection out there is just incredible. You are bound to find great records holding such treasures as Danish polkas, Patsy Cline hits, Mr. Rogers’ story hour, Sesame Street songs, vintage Joan Rivers comedy, Hawaiian music from the 1950s, British riot girl, ‘80s punk—the list could go on. Don’t be afraid to try these different types of music and recordings; you have nothing to lose! Fifty cents to a buck is a small price to pay for what could be a great album to have on hand for a party, sleepover, or just casual listening.

So now all you have to do is invest in VPI turntables if you don’t have your old one, and throw one of those Neil Young vinyl records on!

Eric Blair writes about lp records and vinyl album players that apparently are coming back to popularity.

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