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It seems that Carrie Underwood, country music star and all-round wholesome girl,…

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What a year it has been for Carrie Underwood. Her album Blown…

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Grammy-nominated Zooey Deschanel, the star and a producer of the Fox comedy…

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Phrasing and structure in musical language is similar to how you learn to communicate. But, the concept of phrasing should be thoroughly understood so that it becomes easy to play any instrument. That is why phrasing is considered very important for playing the most well known instrument, guitar.

Steps to master phrasing

The foremost step is to apply your mind and complete your thoughts in the form of a musical phrase. Expert guitarists say that just three notes are enough for resolving this imminent issue. The steps involved are creating tension and going through a few peaks as well as valleys. Once you create the phrase, you can keep building upon it cleverly to create structures.

Secondly, you can build up tension quickly and release it also quickly.

The third step for phrasing is to attempt picturing the creation of a beginning, middle and an end, provided they are all long. This is like creating a story. You will notice tension building up slowly. You can then use the phrases one after another so that a bigger picture is created.

The story should then be expanded as a musical conversation. Only if you master the previous steps, you can succeed in this step. It is analogous to having interesting conversations and intent listening, which means that you should use your full flow of creativity for succeeding in this step.

Can you learn Phrasing?

The way you play the instrument is very important. Only if you master phrasing, you can reach a great level of playing a solo guitar. Of course, you will be learning many things like scales, arpeggios and chords as well as techniques, etc. But, phrasing alone will lift your skills of playing the instrument to sublime levels. But unfortunately, phrasing cannot be learned. Even fully trained guitarists do not know how they can express themselves well on their instrument. There are a few phrasing courses that may help you learn and master this eloquent art of phrasing.

Arpeggio guitar-phrasing for metal players

This Innovative Arpeggio-Phrasing is for Advancing Metal-Players and this helps you develop your phrasing vocabulary. You will learn to choose the most appropriate arpeggios so that you can solo more confidently. Techniques like sweep-picking, tapping, etc. are examined in this course. Once you learn from this course, you will find yourself to be receptive to a lot of ways and ideas when it comes to being more creative in your guitar-phrasing. This course is suitable for both intermediate as well as advancing players.

Killer Rock Lead-Guitar Legato Phrasing

The Legato approach is adopted in this course for exploring phrasing. You will be able to play smoothly once you learn from this course. Your expressive style will assume new dimensions. You will come across innumerable licks as well as concepts; explore and find myriad new ways for applying the legato phrasing in your solos. If you are in the intermediate level or even above that, you can use this course and bloom into a great solo player.

Rock-and-Metal Guitar-Licks

Your level of phrasing as well as structure will reach the zenith with this course and you will be able to create a style and signature of your own. If combined with many of the other lead-guitar playing concepts, you will become highly skilled in developing killer-phrasing as well as structure.

Jim Thomas is an enthusiast blogger and has written this post. He like to play his guitar in his free time and provides tips for the same. He is also taking some guitar lessons online to become a better musician.

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Vinyl albums are a great medium for selling music on since vinyl sounds so good, but the vinyl material they are made from makes it somewhat difficult to keep in good condition.  Almost everything can affect the quality of the vinyl including temperature, humidity, sunlight, dust and dispersed weight when sitting in storage.  Even though it can be somewhat tricky to know exactly how to store based on all the requirements, it can be rather easy without purchasing an entirely new compartment to store it in.

The Obvious Storage Type

The first type of storage is the most obvious kind: the type made for storing vinyl.  These cabinets are usually vertical storage pieces that seal when shut so no outside air can reach the vinyls inside.  They also commonly have insulated surroundings so the temperatures do not vary too much when the vinyls are sealed and stored away.  This is the easiest way to store the vinyl correctly, but the cabinets are usually much too expensive to purchase for most people.  Fortunately there are some alternatives that may not be as great, but still provide the function the collector is looking for.

The Common Storage Type

Even though it sounds strange, very simple plastic storage bins commonly found in local supermarkets are excellent storage pieces.  If using just one of these containers it is important to have an area of home that always stays a cool temperature so it does not fluctuate too much.  A makeshift way to help this if an always-cool area is not possible is by placing that container inside of another.  The mostly sealed air will insulate the internal container from the heat surprisingly well.  Since you are storing vertically, it is important to always have the openings of the albums to the side along with sides that are flat and solid.  If there are any bends in the container walls the albums are sitting against, the albums can be deformed and ruined for good.  Other storage containers can work well, but the main thing to look for is how sealed a container is along with its shielding from the top to prevent albums from getting dusty.

Before Putting Them Away

Along with storage, vinyls must also be prepared correctly before being put away.  Using a VPI 16.5 that gets all the dust off will prevent any gunk from permanently sticking to the records and causing audio mishaps later in life.  Pulling out some classic Neil Young vinyl records only to find they are unplayable can be a huge buzz kill, and the records can be expensive to replace if the individual prefers to collect original albums rather than reprints.

Eric Blair writes about tips for using and maintaining vinyl recordings from to enjoy them longer.

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There’s no doubt that American Idol is not as popular as it once was. Ratings have been in the tank, and producers are scrambling to compete with shows like The Voice and X factor. That’s why they’re willing to pay $18 million this year to procure the services of Mariah Carey. That’s a huge contract, and many experts are saying it’s a good bet. But make no mistake – it’s still a bet. No one can tell if a single person is worth that type of money on this type of show. It also takes more than just a known name to be a successful judge – Ellen Degeneres is a prime example of that. There needs to be the right chemistry and a certain type of charisma to keep audiences coming back. Unfortunately, Mariah Carey, while extremely talented, is a one-dimensional performer that won’t add much to the show. Let’s take a look at some reasons why she’s not a good choice for an American Idol judge.

She’s a Diva – all you have to do is a simple Google search to find countless stories of her Diva-ish. She’s difficult to put up with, and she’s demanding on all levels. That means she’s going to upset whole lot of people, and it might come down to some outright conflict during the season. Remember, this isn’t the Mariah Carey show but she’s going to want it to be. With all the focus on her, it’s going to change the dynamic of the show and turn it into something else – and it’s not something we really want to watch.

Isn’t she nuts? – There seems to be a trend in hiring female judges who’ve had public breakdowns for these types of shows. And the reason for this is not all that nice. Even though they won’t admit it, producers are probably secretly hoping for some kind of meltdown. Or at the very least an outburst that will go viral on YouTube. Think about it, if you are going to spend $18 million of your own money under normal circumstances, would you hire someone with the potential to break down?

She’s way too Expensive – is anyone really worth $18 million for a single season? It’s not even technically for a year, it’s just a few months of work. There’s no doubt that American Idol makes Fox millions of dollars each year, but now there are 6 million less than they would’ve made paying Jennifer Lopez and her mere $12 million contract. It’s also highly unlikely that she’ll return the show to former glory alone. She’s going to need a lot of help, but her fat contract limits who the other judges will be.

She’s not Relevant Anymore – this might have been a huge score if Mariah Carey was in her heyday. But that was during the mid-90s, and that’s a long time ago. She’s certainly hung around on the scene, and she still sells records. She’s recognized for having a great voice, but she’s also a little bit of a punchline. She doesn’t have that cache that she once did, and her fan base isn’t quite as huge – some younger people only know her songs from karaoke. We have a sneaking suspicion that more people think of her as a joke that revere her for her singing talent.

American Idol is Dead – this final reason really doesn’t have anything to do with Mariah Carey. It’s more a problem with the show itself. It’s been around a long time, and it’s considered a dinosaur among reality singing competition shows. It’s still the most powerful, but it probably won’t be for long. The format is stale, and that’s something that doesn’t change with new judges. There needs to be a major shakeup, and they have to find a special type of chemistry between judges – and it’s not just going to happen with one single star.

Danny Bud covers all things entertainment related for It’s a site that specializes in karaoke machine reviews, but also contains fun articles related to TV, music, and movies. You can check out more by clicking here for the latest news on home singing entertainment or late-breaking music news.

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Country singer Randy Travis was charged with driving while intoxicated and threatening law officers after he crashed his car and was found naked and combative at the scene, Texas officials said.

Randy Travis

Travis was arrested late last night near his Texas home after he crashed his car; he sustained minor cuts and bruises but is otherwise okay. However, he verbally abused the arresting officer and was subsequently charged with retaliation and obstruction, a felony, in addition to the DWI.

A Pontiac Trans Am registered to the 53-year-old singer had veered off a roadway near Tioga, a town about 60 miles north of Dallas where the entertainer lives, and struck several barricades in a construction zone, said Tom Vinger, spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

TMZ says that witnesses have stated Travis was naked when he crashed, which raises a whole lot of questions that likely won’t be answered soon; he’s being held without bond until a meeting with the judge later today.

A Travis representative said there would be no immediate comment on the arrest.

Travis was busted for public intoxication earlier this year after he was found drinking in a church parking lot, drowning his sorrows after a fight with his lady.

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lp vinyl records
Image by karola riegler photography

Have you embraced the vinyl record resurgence yet, or are you still hanging on to the first wave of ‘80s tape cassette love? Maybe you never cast vinyl to the wayside, in which case, congratulations! You’re hip to the trend…all over again. More importantly, you truly understand the musical experience that is unique to vinyl. The purity of sound isn’t just a myth—it’s the physics of it all. And why not indulge in a richer, more rewarding listening experience? Especially if you’re a die-hard fan of various artists, you’re going to want their albums in their most raw form. You’ll almost be able to hear your favorite musicians breathing into the microphone. Next best thing to having them play in your living room!

Where To Start

Now, what if you’re new to the vinyl scene or are just getting interested again? Where do you go for not only new vinyl being pressed, but amazing old school albums and interesting, obscure finds? Well, lucky for you there’s a wonderful independent record store market out there. You can find an independent record store in your area by a simple glance through the phone book or a internet search. You can also avail yourself of a record-seeker’s secret: go to thrift stores! That’s right, any Goodwill, Salvation Army, or general thrift store will most likely have a ton of vinyl in great condition for knockout prices. You can often find a whole assortment of albums at 50 cents to a dollar each. That’s the best bargain you’ve probably heard of in years.

Places To Buy From

When you buy your albums, really try to push the boundaries of what interests you. The neat thing about vinyl is that it was once produced in such proliferation that a huge array of genres was recorded onto this medium, so the selection out there is just incredible. You are bound to find great records holding such treasures as Danish polkas, Patsy Cline hits, Mr. Rogers’ story hour, Sesame Street songs, vintage Joan Rivers comedy, Hawaiian music from the 1950s, British riot girl, ‘80s punk—the list could go on. Don’t be afraid to try these different types of music and recordings; you have nothing to lose! Fifty cents to a buck is a small price to pay for what could be a great album to have on hand for a party, sleepover, or just casual listening.

So now all you have to do is invest in VPI turntables if you don’t have your old one, and throw one of those Neil Young vinyl records on!

Eric Blair writes about lp records and vinyl album players that apparently are coming back to popularity.

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