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You consider yourself a Beatle Maniac. You have shirts. You own every CD. You even own collectible toys and photos of the band. What you don’t have very many of are vinyl albums from the boys. The old turntable sitting in your home is collecting dust. Instead of letting it continue to sit there as an antique piece, you might want to consider buying some new vinyl albums to give the device some attention. If you’re in the market for new Beatles albums, you might be surprised as to which ones you might find most easily and which ones are going to be hard to come by.

Abbey Road

Abbey Road will be the easiest record to find. You could find this album at most record stores, but if you want a new or mint condition item, you’re better off going to an online vendor first. Considered one of the bands more well-liked albums, it was released well into the band’s period of popularity. With hits like “Come Together” and “I Want You”, the album reached platinum status in no time.

Since it was released toward the end of the band’s life cycle, it also became one of the records that was produced in great numbers, making it easy to come by today. People in search of The Beatles Vinyl albums might be able to pick up this classic for less than $30 online or at a store. If you’re going to buy this album, don’t buy a limited edition copy, as you’ll only end up spending more money for one or two more songs.

The Beatles

The self-titled album, The Beatles,was one of the highest grossing records of all time, and for good reason. With 30 songs, the album is rated as the 10th best album on Rolling Stone’s“Greatest Albums of All Time” List. When it was first released, the album received mixed reviews, yet that did not stop it from reaching the top of the billboard charts in the U.S. Known simply as the “White Album”, this masterpiece can be easily found as well.

The Beatles and Frank Ifiel

Considered one of the most valuable vinyl records released by the band, The Beatles and Frank Ifield continues to receive attention for its rarity. With so few copies released and even fewer still sealed, this beauty can fetch well over $10,000. However, finding one will be difficult because of the low quantity still around today.

Seth Frank writes about classical vinyl recordings and VPI turntables that were used to play them.

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